Pedestrian mode-am I missing something?


I was vacationing out West and decided to try pedestrian mode and didn't find it that useful. I programmed it to go to a destination and it said "head to Las Palmas Road" but I wasn't sure how,I was in a parking lot in a shopping mall, I had to keep changing my view to get oriented-wouldn't it be better to have an arrow showing the direction to keep walking?

Nuvi 750

Pedestrian still routes along roads

Pedestrian mode still looks for roads. It changes the routing preferences to prefer small streets instead of highways, etc. You have to move in order for it to know what direction you are facing. You don't have to go far - a few steps will do it. Once you do, the map will orient itself if you have 3D or Track Up and you will see what's in front of you.

change navigation

try changing navigation to off road

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