Car Charger Problem


Only have my Garmin about two months and notice that it is NOW (did in the beginning)not taking a charge from the cig lighter outlet as well as another outlet I have in my car. It does charge from the computer. Is there something I'm not doing right? I'm trying to avoid sending it back.

vehicle charger

is the light on the vehicle charger coming on when plugged in? if not, it's the charger and not the GPS unit.

I had a car charger that stopped working and Garmin tech support was great ... got me out a new one immediately.

May be a fuse.

Do you have power to the outlets? You may have a blown fuse. If so, replacing the fuse is a simple and quick fix.

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check the connector itself

Also check the pins at the end of the wire to make sure they don't have anything stuck in them.

Make sure you are using a

Make sure you are using a Garmin cord. Some people have experienced problems with non Garmin USB cords. For example my blackberry cord will not work with my Garmin 350.

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Fuse might have blown

There is a fuse in the tip of the plug that goes in the lighter socket, it might have blown. Unscrew the knurled nut on the tip on the plug and check it out.

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Spoke to Garmin

I spoke to Garmin yesterday and they think its not getting a charge from the mount and they are sending me a new one. I also have to check the cig lighter. The contacts seem to be OK. Will keep you posted.

Is the light on the charger working?

Is the light on the charger plug working if so it would be farther down line. The mount plug or contacts from mount to GPS could be suspect

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