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I've loaded POI's for truck stops, campgrounds, and low clearances into my nuvi 200. They show up under Extras as separate items for each cvs file (Love's, Flying J, Pilot, low clearances, etc). Regardless of the size of each file, the nuvi only displays 13 pages, 4 to a page, or 52 POI's for each file. They are the nearest 52 as far as I can determine. I know the files contained more than 52; low clearances had 311, Love's 250, Pilot 179.

I'm wondering if the 52 are going to change as I move around, displaying the nearest 52 to my new location, or am I stuck with just the 52 showing up now in my current location? Or am I or the nuvi doing something wrong and all downloaded POI's should be displayed? Am I going to get alerts for all, including those which are not now displayed?



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Always the nearest 52

You have exactly figured it out; the display is limited to the 52 POI's that are nearest to you. Yes, that list of 52 will update as you move to show what's closest to your current location. You can even set a temporary location by using the "near" option after tapping Where To. You can specify a different city and the list will then show the 52 things that closest to that location instead.


And you can always search by the name of the POI to find POIs that aren't shown on the menus.