Google on Nuvi


I apologize if this has been answered before. I looked around and searched but have yet to find any information.

Does anyone know if you can copy a portion of a map from Google Earth or Google maps and use that as a base map in the Nuvi? Would it work with the satellite imagery available on those sites?

I am heading to the middle enext month and would like to put some kind of map on there. I am not sure that the European maps cover the area I am going to. I am also heading to Africa at the end of the year and would like to do the same thing.

Any information including pointing me to an existing thread would be appreciated.


Google on Nuvi

Of course I meant to say middle east. I don't want to confuse anyone thinking I am heading to middle earth wink

Hope This Helps

You could save the Google Earth map(s) you want as a .jpeg file. Load them onto to the Nüvi and then use the slide show feature. Obviously, these maps would be static. You could also purchase the map for the area you are going (if available).

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Google on Nuvi?

Not a bad idea. I could still mark off sites I need to know the location of.

Still I wish there was a way I could overlay my moving location on the satellite imagery. That would be extremely useful and way cool!

But I guess if we could easily do that then no one would buy the other maps.

What's the size of the Nuvi screen (pixels) that I would have to crop the image to, to get it as big as possible so I could see detail?

Thanks for the repsonse.

Enhanced Basemap

You could try loading one of the 'enhanced' Basemaps. These don't have as much detail as you're used to - but will have main roads and cities.

(Page 8 is probably the best place to start!)

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Google Mobile

Chances are your phone is compatible with Google Mobile for phones. Here is the link;
I loaded it onto my Treo 700p and used it quite often until I recently bought my Nuvi 660.

Won't work for me :(

Unfortunately my phone doesn't work on the networks over there (not a GSM only CDMA - Verizon) good thought though.

Check out this website. I Check out this website. I ran across it yesterday while following another thread and thought it could be useful after I knew more.


Here's the link, you might find something useful.

nuvi 2460LMT

Nüvi Screen Size

The 660 screen is 480 x 272 pixels. However, from my little experience making jpegs for the Nüvi slides, the size doesn't appear to be that critical. The unit scales them automatically.

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the nuvi does scale them

the nuvi does scale them down but during that transition it doesnt always get the entire jpeg on it. I have had some experience with this on my nuvi 360.

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