Nuvi 350 not selecting the best route compared to uses navteq maps - I would have expected similar results. I recently drove from Oxford, Ohio to cornelius, NC with the nuvi 350 and the route chosen was 20 minutes longer than the route from I have the 2008 mapset in the Nuvi, and have done the software upgrade. Where should I start to get the Nuvi to use the faster route and shorter route? I have the Nuvi set for fastest route.


It's important to remember that the unit is not programmed to give you the "best" route.

Based upon the map data on the unit and the routing preferences and avoidances you have selected on your unit, it attempts to perform a mathematical solution in accordance with those parameters.

Fastest is usually the best choice for most people and most situations, but it may not always be.

The first thing to check is to see what if any avoidances you have set on your unit. "Avoid tolls" seems to be one that often gives people problems.

Also, the unit doesn't know anything about traffic (unless using a traffic receiver) or traffic lights. So, it won't take these into consideration.

Also, I like to advise people to think of the GPS unit as a co-pilot not an autopilot. And I usually recommend not to rely on a single source/tool/medium for navigation particularly in areas with which you are not familiar. Always have a back up plan. The back up plan can be in the form of internet routing, paper maps, or local knowledge. If you know a better way, take it. The unit will catch up. And, perhaps most importantly, don't forget to use that thing between your ears. : )

Good point: co-pilot vs. autopilot.

I have been noticing the lack of knowledge that a route has stop lights vs. an expressway 1 mile away. I have learned that I can ignore a route that I know is slower because of stoplights, and it will re-calculate quickly to agree with my route selection. perhaps next time I make the trip, I'll start the route and see when it joins my choice.

Best Route

Hi everyone,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I agree with Motorcycle Mama 100%. When I first started using my 660, I was expecting a "best route" result. When I didn't always get one, I was disapointed. THEN, I realized that in many cases I had first hand knowledge of conditions that no GPS could possibly have programmed into it. When my 660 will suggests I take route that I know to be "bad", I simply ignore it and go my own way. As was said...Nuvi will catch up.

Have a great day!


It's an art and not a science...

That is what makes GPS routing an art and not a science. Being the geektoid I am it drives my wife nuts sometimes when I have several GPS running simultaneous for testing routing selections. I have found that some do it better than others but they all get you there. smile

I can tell you that I regularly find the GPS routing takes me where I normally wouldn't go because it didn't occur to me. And the next time I take it just to see how it goes. BTW that is why I love MSN Direct Traffic on my 680 when I travel. It is always letting me know about conditions that I can avoid and save time.

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Copilot, you say?

I've often cracked a joke about how sick we are that we've paid some good money to buy us a backseat driver.

Seriously, I don't think Nüvis take all the stops at red lights into account. I know it doesn't take into account the likelihood of being stuck behind a few slow-moving farm trucks.

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