Nuvi350 Internal Storage Capacity


Recently acquired a Nuvi350 for Xmas and initially have (2) questions.
#1. Can you download POI files, then put them on a SD disk and insert into your GPS for use without actually installing? If so, will they show up on tour favorites menu?
#2. What is the internal storage capacity of the Nuvi350 for POI's etc?


#1. Yes, you can install POI files on an SD card.
It will ask you if you want to copy the POI to your GPSr, just answer no. You will still need POI Loader from Garmin's website.

#2. For capacity, connect your nüvi350 to your computer. Open My Computer, highlight nuvi drive, right click, properties.

You can also delete unnecessary files (such as voices, vehicles) that you won't useoff your nuvi, **make sure you have a backup, in case you need them. Search for deleting files at the top of the page for previous discussions.

nuvi 2460LMT

Thanks Mariner for the

Thanks Mariner for the reply. Now let the games begin on learning the potential of this bad boy. grin