I just want to post my appreciation of everyone here in the Garmin Talk forum.

As a brand new GPS owner and user, the documentation that came with my Nüvi 260 was woefully inadequate. This site has gotten me started on the right path, shown me many undocumented features, and guided me through the use of the POI Loader.

So thanks to all of you here who take the time to help us novice users to become aficionados. Hopefully I can eventually become one of those who gives rather than gets the help. smile

Rick - Nüvi 260 - eTrex Summit HC

It doesn't take long to be

It doesn't take long to be a giver. I have learned soooo much in the few mnths that I have been here. Great ppl here too!

Charley - Nuvi 350 - Bel STI Driver - Cobra 29 w/ wilson 1000 - AIM: asianfire -