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Took my first trip today using the 650, Am a garmin user since the first GPS colormap, Cannot figure how to get the 650 to show interstate exits when showing map view (not navigating), Just shows interstate and direction no exits. Know someone has the solution.

Check this thread out,

Check this thread out, might answer you question if you are talking about the same thing as they were.

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Nuvi 650 Problem

Yes i think we are talking about the same thing however my unit never shows any exits at all on the green nav. bar, only the interstate number, Didn't know about what was discussed about the zoom, will have to try that. Also my unit doesn't show State roads at all, regardless of map detail. Am kind of dissapointed with these two problems.

Is there a way to have a simulation running much faster ?

Is there a way to have a simulation running much faster ? For 3 hours trip you'll need to watch it for 3 hours. 10 hours trip is sad.
Can you see a route and a map like with a mapquest?


You can't speed up the simulation. But you can view the whole route by selecting the green bar at the top of the screen and selecting the map button. You can also step through the turns.

owner's manual for Garmin 650

where do you get same?

Garmin Site

The entire 49 page manual can be downloaded from Garmins site. It is a PDF file..

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