No ETA displayed for a long trip


I have a Garmin C530 GPSr. Today I set up a trip that's a little over 2000 miles (Cleveland, Ohio area to Tucson, Arizona area). It calculated the trip just fine (as far as I know) but the Arrival display in the bottom left hand corner didn't display the estimated time of arrival.
If I define a trip from Ohio to Florida (1245 miles, but in the same time zone), the ETA does display.
Anyone know why the Florida ETA displays but not the Arizona one? I'm guessing that it must be that crossing time zones confuses the old girl, but does anyone know for sure?

Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450


It's not crossing the time zones, but rather the extreme distance that sometimes causes that problem.

Too many variables for the unit to be able to predict what's going on.

For example, I test plotted a route from Maine to Florida (all in the same time zone) on my Zumo, and I got a message stating "Route is too long. Guidance toward the end of the route will be updated as you get closer to your destination." No arrival time was shown.

However, if I hit the green bar and preview the route on the map, I can see the distance and time (just over 1600 miles and just over 28 hours).

no eta on long trip

I have noticed the same thing on my nuvi 650 but when I get with in 24 hours to go the time is dispalyed



By gosh, I think you've got it. For a trip longer that 24 hours, the ETA would be ambiguous. The Florida trip is about 20 hours while the Arizona trip is greater than 24 hours. Thanks.

Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

yeap, tiffany is right.

yeap, tiffany is right. Anything over 24 hrs, it doesn't display the ETA. However, and I haven't tested this, I bet it would once you have crossed that 24 hr barrier.

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