Maestro 3200


I just received a Maestro 3200 for Christmas. Does anyone know if it is possible to update this to the 6 million POI file? I can't seem to find any information on it. Where do I get the file? I am also using a Mac and I can not seem to find a program to manage my POI's. Any help? question

Yes, you can add the POI

Yes, you can add the POI file to an SD card but not internally because there is not enough space. I have mine set up that way and it works great. See my post dated 12-13-07 on the following forum:

SD card

I just did the same thing with my new Maestro 3200, so I can confirm that it works. I found a 2GB SD card at circuit city online last week for $18, though I'm not sure if the deal is still on. The POI file that I have is less than 200MB though, so the 2GB will leave plenty of room for any additional data, or you could probably go with a smaller SD card if you can get a better deal.

Can't read SD card

I followed the instructions in the linked post about adding the 6 mil POI's and now my GPS can't find the SD card after numerous restarts and it can't find any POI's at all. Please help!

Reset Button my friend

I had the same problem kkanish.
Just push the reset button on the side of the unit, next to the usb connection, and the gps will reset itself and recognize the sd card.