Magellan traffic.


Any comments on traffic subscripton with Magellan? Ho well it work etc? They are currently giving 1 year free subscription to any traffic enabled Magellan gps.

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sprkthead2 wrote:

Any comments on traffic subscripton with Magellan?

At the risk of stating the obvious.......
It only works in large metro. areas, but then thats where you would need it. mrgreen

I just upgraded to a 4250 but didn't need the traffic service and probably won't ever use it......but I am going to keep the activation number for the free trial. Might end up in Chicago, NY or LA in the next year, who knows?

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Maestro 4250

I just got a Maestro 4250 and did the 1-year free subscription. It seems to work pretty well but like said before, it only has information for a large metropolitan area.


It works great for me here in Minneapolis. There is construction all over, and plenty of traffic delays. It has routed me to better paths several times in the last month.

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3250 Traffic Alerts

I have the 3250 and subscribed to the free year of traffic updates. I am located between New York City and Philadelphia. So far, it has been helpful. Now I use my Magellan even when I know where I am going, just for the traffic alerts.

Magellan Traffic

My daughter lives in Atlanta and said it was not dependable - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. She does not plan to renew the service when the subscription expires.


The free trail is for you to try it so you can see if it works for you. If you see it helps you then keep it.

hello again. i got my free

hello again. i got my free one year. i will see how many times it tells me to change my routes. if it is not enough, i will not renew. if it does work and helps me avoid traffic snarls, i will renew. i live in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia, it should go off several times. especially at the tunnels.

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