Bluetooth 3.0 Update Problem


I updated to version 3 somewhere around 21st of December. I paired two cell phones to the Nuvi. Pairing is a real b***ch but once paired, both cell phones work great. (I use bluetooth headset and wife uses Nuvi, if wife is not around, I turn off headset and Nuvi automatically links to my phone).

Every couple of days when I turn the Nuvi on, it re-updates the Bluetooth upgrade, of course, loosing the cell phone pairing.

I just tried running Webupdater again and it does not offer me a bluetooth update anymore (probably because I have the current).

I looked at the Nuvi in drive mode thinking that maybe if I delete the upgrade file, it would stop upgrading, but I do not know what file it is so I didn't fiddle.

Any suggestions on getting the Nuvi to stop updating the bluetooth when I turn the unit on (not connected to computer). I don't want to turn off bluetooth because my wife uses it in the car with her cell phone and loves it.

It is weird the way your

It is weird the way your nuvi is behaving. I can tell you that I have a brad new 680, and I uploaded the Bluetooth 3.0 up grade through WerUpdater and I do not get the constant advices to update to 3.0.
I can also tell you that before the 680, I had a StreetPilot 580. One day (second week of December) when powering up, the unit told me that it was updating the Bluetooth software. Then it went out and updated to 3.0. After that happened, I had to re-pair my phone. The weird thing was that I had not run WebUpdater for a couple of months when the 580 updated to 3.0. I assumed that the updated was sent through the MSN cable. So this might be part of your problem, your nuvi keeps getting the update and tries to install it.
Good luck!

yayi--Garmin nuvi 680 & StreetPilot 530, Pembroke Pines FL


Not sure ...

I connected the Nuvi to the computer and ran web updater when I heard the bluetooth update was out and everything did as it was supposed to. It is like the update is still downloaded on the Nuvi and sometimes it thinks I just downloaded it and re-updates.

I updated firmware, traffic, and another bluetooth update in the past with no issues.

I deleted the files in the Garmin/[something]SW directory and will see if the update stops.

It does not happen every time ... only every couple of days.

Otherwise, the unit is working as designed. It is a pain when it does update on its own though, as I have to repair the phones and the Nuvi does not pair with my phones very easily. Takes about 20 minutes of trying over and over again per phone before a successful pairing.