newbie - cant see the custom poi opn nuvi 200


I loaded a number of poi from rhode island onto my sd card in the nuvi and when it asked if I wanted to load them so that they would be there when card removed, I said yes. I don't see any extra categories, I added beaches, lighthouses and general attractions. Where would I find the custom ones in the nuvi 200?
Thanks, Patsy C.

Where to find POI's in nuvi 200

Look for your custom POI's in the extras folder after hitting where to? You have to hit the down arrow key to get to this folder.


Yeah you really have to

Yeah you really have to wonder why it doesn't show as POI's, or at least on the main screen would be helpful.

Where to find POI's in nuvi 200

Thanks, I didn't scroll to that area at all before. Everything is there.
Patsy C