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How do I turn off the MapSource waypoints? I was playing around with my new nuvi 350, and downloaded mapsource. Now it's got all these extra waypoints turned on that slow down the map drawing quite a bit. Thanks for the help.


Mapsource creates the waypoints in your favorite.
To delete see:

nuvi 2460LMT

It created more waypoints

It created more waypoints than I made. It seems that every bit of information stored in the unit itself is being drawn on the map. I tried the hard reset through maintainece mode, and it made no difference.


Might need the reset see this thread:

nuvi 2460LMT


Ok, let's back up.

MapSource doesn't download any Waypoints to the GPS unit except those you create and choose to send to the unit.

So what else is going on? First of all, you are talking about the map screen on the unit not it MapSource, correct?

Are these "waypoints" showing up under Favorites? If not then you are seeing the built in POIs. If they are, then you somehow created them, but as indicated above, you can delete them.

Are you zoomed way in? Try zooming out or if it seems cluttered, lower your map detail.

Does anyone else have the

Does anyone else have the little beer icon when you drive by a bar, and the fuel pump when you drive past a gas station? I didn't see them yesterday when I was out driving. I guess it could have always been there, but I was just zoomed out farther.


Those sound like you are seeing the built in POIs. Try searching for one nearby and see if that's what it is. Also, try zooming out.

That's what I'm seeing. I

That's what I'm seeing. I guess it's normal for them to have Icons and black squares if you're zoomed in? Does it make a diffence if you've got an sd card loaded? I'm new to this, please forgive me! smile


Yes, that's normal and it doesn't matter if you have an SD card loaded. The black squares typically show up when there are too many icons in the same location to be displayed.

You can zoom out or change the map detail setting to reduce clutter if you need to.

And it's no problem for you to ask questions. That's why we are here.

Thanks, I thought I had

Thanks, I thought I had broken my new toy!