Heck Of a Deal On Custom Bracket


While shopping at Best Buy today, making my final decision on what GPS unit to go with, I saw an aisle of accessory items. I found a custom bracket for my Ford F150 made by Bracketron. The brackets were being discontinued and were marked for $6.00!

I took one to the check out, and there was an additional discount, making my total $4.03. This bracket mounts exactly where I wanted to mount my new GPS on the front of the insturment panel. I checked the web site for Bracketron, and found these brackets listing for $39.99!

I don't know if all Best Buys are getting rid of them, and there were about 25 different custom vehicle types on the rack, meaning they are custom fitted for your exact vehicle make and year.

Just wanted to pass this on if anyone is looking for a mounting solution other than the windshield.

Nav mat is made by them

The Nav mat is made by Bracketron. It is a very nice bean bag mount..It works with the Suction mount on any GPS...I wonder if they have them on sale..?

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I saw the "bean bags" in the

I saw the "bean bags" in the aisle, and think they were around $40.00? I remember thinking, wow, those are expensive.

The metal brackets are the only items I noticed that were being discontinued.


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