Contributors of the week 2007-12-17


This week we are recognizing Phillychip and Denelson83 as our contributors of the week.

Phillychip, you have made it your mission to supply each metro area with a file for the 24 hour pharmacies. I know that many travelers will appreciate this file when they are in a unknown area and run out of their prescriptions and need a refill. Great Job.

DeNelson83, You are collecting POI Files for air and sea;) I like the unique choices you make for your files. Great Job!!!

Miss POI

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Congrats Cowies..... great work

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Contributors of the week 12-17-07

Congrats... A Christmas gift you both deserve.

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Kudos to you both!

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Congratulations guys! Good work this week.

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Congrads To All with everything you have done Phillychip and Denelson83 Fine Job And Merry Christmas

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thank you...

...Ms Poi for the recognition.

Though...thanks to you for having such a great site. All of the other contributors are an inspiration to me.

You're is my hope that when in a time of need of new medication or med refill, that fellow POI-factory users can find a pharmacy 24/7.

My goal is simply to get this project done ASAP, which for starters has a goal to include all cities on the Metro Project Area list...

With the purpose of getting this done sooner than later, is there anyone out there who I can recruit to help me finish this project quicker as a team, sooner than i can do it solo?

Either way, please continue to enjoy the 24 Hour Pharmacy POI files.

Thanks, and take care,