Help! my audio stopped working on my 680


Yesterday, two months after receiving my new 680, while approaching a red light camera, the audio alert stopped half way through the warning. I can't even play any pm3 music...I have completely lost audio. Anyone ever have this happen or have any suggestions? Maybe there is a firmware update that can be loaded.


Did you press the reset button. That might solve the problem. I would at least try that first.

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Is that

the only audio that quit working? That particular sound clip for the traffic alert or has all of your audio gone out? Reload a fresh copy of the sound byte for the traffic alert. If it's all gone I'd say your speaker is out.

Just a couple of guesses...



Did your power cord come disconnected or the power outlet go out?

With or without the power

With or without the power cord, there is no audio on the 680, whether is is playing music or getting directions, it's as if the mute button was on...but it's not..I checked. Just went out when I approached a traffic camera location and I got about half of the alert and then it went silent.. I tried reseting the unit..that didn't help. It does sound like the speakers went out. Every now and then, can try to play a plays a few words, but after about 6 or 8 words, it goes silent again. Seems like when I play with the antena flip up an down, it activates the sound for a few seconds...then out again...sounds like a short.

With or Without Power

Try palying the unit through your car stereo using the FM bandwidth using the directions. If this plays you at least know that it is the speaker circuit that might be shorted out, or the speaker itself. If this does not play then it is most likely something in the playback circuit and may have to go back to Garmin.

Thank you, good point.

Thank you, good point.

Or Try the Headphones

It may think headphones are plugged in that will silence the speakers also...

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