Do I have the only C530 with drawing problems?


My C530 has some occasional drawing problems, which nobody at Garmin tech-support has ever heard of. I've posted a couple times here, and only one person had a similar experience, and for them it only happened once (also in Oregon).

Does everybody's C530 *always* update the map as they drive along, with no exceptions? Has anybody with a C530 ever spent enough time in Portland Oregon to drive all over town and see how the model performs?

The guy at Garmin told me that there is no way my problem could be area-specific, but my experiences make me think otherwise.

For one thing, there is a right-turn in my neighborhood that the C530 always gets hung up on. The intersection is nothing new, and the C530's map shows it exactly how it really is. It just doesn't like to reorient the map for several blocks once I've made the turn.

Last weekend in Portland, it was really bad. I was staying at one house, and visited several other homes. Every time I went on a trip, it worked fine for a mile or two, then I'd make a turn and it would refuse to update the map for a while, then it would go back to normal about 5 miles later. Once it went back to normal, the problem was gone as long as the unit stayed turned on.

This is not a GPS or a reception problem. The voice commands and the on-screen text always remain accurate.

I do have the latest version (4.10) of the C530's software. The Garmin guy had me do factory reset by holding the bottom right corner of the screen while turning it on. This didn't make any difference on the problematic corner in my neighborhood. It will be a while before I'm back in Portland, especially for an entire weekend, so I can retrace the steps of my last visit and compare the C530's performance.

My main purpose in posting is to get C530 owners to pay extra close attention to their units (while driving safely, of course), and hopefully find out if I'm alone in this, or if I'm just the first to stumble upon this unit's design flaws.

It is possible that I'm expecting too much. The unit performs so flawlessly in all other aspects, and in fact the problems I've described are very rare - most of the time it performs with perfection. Could it be that high tech gadgets of this nature are simply prone to the occasional glitch?

C530 with TTS mod

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The only problem I have had with mine is that it seems slow when turning it on.