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I hope everyone will bear with me because The POI thing is new to me and I the tech rep I spoke to at Garmin wasn't much help.

I loaded some POIs into my 2820, one of them being oddball attractions, one of the attractions is 1.6 miles from my house which I used as a test. When I loaded them I named the BMP,the CSV, and the MP3 all the same in a folder and used the POI loader in the express mode to load the POIs. I have my visual and audio notifications on and didn't change the continuous notification which I didn't fully understand their definition of continuous notification.

When I drove by the attraction the icon was showing on the screen but not a peep out of the GPS. I re-read the help file in the POI loader and it said something about the loader using the data in the files for the proximity alerts if it is present. So could this be a case where there is no proximity data in the file and I should have used the loader in the manual mode to set my own distances or am I on the wrong track?

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I use

I use the manual mode and set the distance at a realistic distance that gives me ample warning and the ability to get in the proper lane at the speed I would be travelling in that type of environment.
ie: rest areas - 1 mile, most restaurants 1/3 mile!

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There are a couple of ways to have it announce your poi location.
The one I use is to put the word "redlight" in all of the file names. As an example: walmart redlight.csv, walmart redlight.bmp, walmart redlight.mp3.
There is a longer way in Poi Loader if you load them manually, and then it gives you the option to add a notification.

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Manual mode should let you set it by distance or speed.