On going updates


If I create some POI files and upload them, am I suddenly responsible for periodically updating them? Similarly, can I download ones that currently exist and update them to add new items? For example, a restaurant chain that recently opened two new locations in my area?



This is a community effort so you are encouraged to contribute, but there are no ramification if you don't maintain them. If you decide not to maintain them then please politely state so so some one else can offer to volunteer maintenance. The whole of the community is much more useful then any individual. I would hope you choose to contribute to make this a site as useful as possible for everyone.

If you have updates or corrections for any POIs please contact the owner and if you don't get a response send Miss POI a message.

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Ok, thanks. I'm just trying to figure out the process. So if I have updates I need to send them to the current owner. Got it.

My question about maintaining them is that I don't know if I'd remember to come back and update them. smile Of course if people send me things I guess that'll be a reminder.

If there is enough demand

If there is enough demand someone else will want to do the maintenance...like we saw with Walmart and the rest stops for 48 states. Also if you have a VERY specific POI, like big rocks in Northwestern Nevada, then I am pretty sure no one will be volunteering to maintain it. Sorry if I offended anyone in NV. I just had a pick a very obscure list and did not want to pick an existing one.

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