Zumo 450 redlight csv files


I have made a redlight file and was able to up loaded with the loader,I turn it on and it's in the alert file then I turn it on later and it's missing...HELP!!!There is no alert or warning when driving.


Ok, a few questions for you ...

1. Did you make your own file or download the one from this site? Either way, does the file have the word "redlight" in it? That keyword will produce an automatic alert when you load it with POI Loader.

2. What do you mean it's missing? Are you saying that the file doesn't show up under Where to? > Extras > Custom POIs? Or something else? Did you load other POI files subsequent to the redlight file?

Each time you run POI Loader it takes all the POI files that you have in your POI folder on your computer and compiles them into a single POI.GPI file on your GPS unit. You need to load all of them each time.

Also, for alerts to sound, you must be driving on the road on which the POI location is situated and driving in the direction of the POI. And do you have the alerts turned on on your Zumo? Wrench > down arrow > Proximity Points

Zum0 450 Redlight Csv files

I had maded my own file and the key word is redlight and I can dwnload it to the gps.
Missing,well I find the file under proximity alerts,then when I turn it on later the file is gone.I have driven too the known camera and no alerts.I have not tried leaving it on to see if it works yet.


Ok, I'm still a little confused.

If you named the file with "redlight" in the name, then it should automatically produce an alert when you load it using POI Loader.

In order to be sure alerts are enabled on your Zumo, you would go to Wrench > down arrow > Proximity points and be sure the box is checked, however, that's not where you would find the locations. They are under Where to? > down arrow > Extras > Custom POIs.

And again, be sure that you are not loading another file separately subsequent to loading the redlight file.

I get the prox points when

I get the prox points when they are downloaded then I turn it off and then back on,thats when it goes missing.Thank's I try again to download them.


I'm not sure why you are turning it off, but it's strange that it goes away. Mine doesn't do that. Are you sure that you aren't loading another POI file after you load the redlight file?