LG POI loader?


Forgive me if this sounds like a n00B question, but is there a POI loader for LG models or can this be done by importing the .csv files through the favorites?

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Re: LG POI loader?

Hi there!

According to the product manual, you can import .csv files as a new Favorite category, using their “PC Portal” software, however the order of the columns seems to be specific to LG. I'm not sure if you are looking for a third party app, or extended functionality? You should be able to rearrange the .csv file to LG's column order using Excel. Otherwise, I'd contact the makers of POIEdit 2007 at http://www.poiedit.com/ and request if LG's .csv format can be added to their list of supported ones, so that their program does this automatically for you.


Hi Krieger, I managed to

Hi Krieger,

I managed to rearrange the collums in Ecel and it works perfectly wink ...the BMP icons need to be input manually using the Sync option to view the available folders within the unit and all is now great. There is no need for the MP3 file as the unit itself has the POI pre-loaded, I love that feature.

Many thanks for the help!

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sort order for cvs files

what order did you put the cvs filesin excel into ?I have a LG GPS and have tried to input the cvs files for example the LCBO ontario all I see is the Latitude for all the various LCBOs no addresses or locations. So the order is important Thanks

LG pois

The only bad thing about loading pois into favorites is if you have a long list of pois you have to scroll to the one you need. You can't spell the name of the poi. There's got to be a better way.