Walk in medical care facilities (quick care clinics)


I was on the road this past weekend in Maine, and wanted to find one of those quick clinic, doc-in-a-box, places for a quick minor ailment (sore throat that had been bothering me for days). Basically, the walk in places that prevent you from needing to go to an ER.

None of the nuvi provided POIs had anything listed.
I even asked various drug store folks and had a tough time finding one. Ultimately, went to the ER and had THEM refer me to a place.

I'm not even sure how to find a list of these places since there isn't (as far as I know) a really well defined term to describe this type of place. Sort of a non emergency ER smile

CVS has started creating a place they call 'Minute Clinics' (http://www.minuteclinic.com/en/USA/) and probably competing pharmacies will do likewise.

Anyone have any thoughts? Does such a thing already exist?


Urgent Care Centers

Wallgreens Take Care Health Centers

Wallgreens has these within their store in the following locations:


We used the one a mile from our home in Tucson twice already.

● Atlanta
● Chicago
● Cincinnati
● Cleveland
● Columbus
● Denver/Boulder
● Greater Kansas City
● Green Bay/Oshkosh
● Houston
● Las Vegas
● Madison
● Miami
● Milwaukee
● Nashville
● Orlando
● Peoria
● Phoenix
● Pittsburgh
● Rockford
● St. Louis
● Tampa
● Topeka/Lawrence
● Tucson
● West Palm Beach
● Wichita

Take Care Health ClinicsSM are coming soon to these locations ●Colorado Springs ●Phoenix
●Additional Stores Coming Soon in 2008

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Great idea...

Hey John,

Great idea for a POI file. Let us know when you get it listed and if you need any input from us. wink

But seriously, that is a great POI file idea.


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Ok, here's where I am thus far.

Got data for the following list of companies:
MedPoint Express
My Healthy Access
Alegent Health
and all the stuff at Walmart

Need to do:
Minute Clinic*
Take Care*
Quick Access/Quick Clinic

(*) these are a pain since they don't have a list, and I have to traverse through 'choose state, choose city, etc' to get the addresses, hours, and phone numbers. If anyone knows of a better way...
(if you get the list before I next post, feel free to email me at john@santore.com with the info)

Once I have the raw address list, I will get lat/long for each, trim duplicates, etc.

Then I have to format the damn thing into csv or gpx (probably csv, but who knows. Might script some gpx thing)

I'm willing to do this initial POI, but I am NOT going to maintain and add new locations. I kind of figure someone else who might be interested can take over.

So far, not counting some known duplicates due to walmart and individual providers overlapping, I'm at 139 locations.

the people at both Take Care

the people at both Take Care Clinic and MedExpress refused to give me a master list. "Go to the site." Except the site requires I click about 4 levels deep for each location.

still working on this, no ETA.

Edit: Miss POI made some changes to this post.

convenient care clinics

In our town the only one we have that I know of is part of our clinic and goes under the name of convenient care. There may be other places that list them this way as well.

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Correction to my above post.

Correction to my above post. MedExpress isn't big enough where I cared. It's MinuteClinic who wouldn't give me a master list.