POI download problems


I had some national park poi downloaded ok then I downloaded blue ridge parkway and I dont have my
other sections or downloads.

When downloading do you always check gpx with garmin

What do I do to correct this situation?

Thanks again my unit is C340 street piolet.

POI Loader

cosmicguy - could it be that you are allowing the POI Loader to overwrite your previously installed POI files? If you are using POI Loader, and haven't renamed the POI file on you GSPr, you need to keep all your downloaded files in one folder and reload ALL custom POI's each time you run POI Loader.

Seems to be Ok now

cool Thanks I put all of them in one folder and did the download and its is fine now with one one glitch. I have walgreens in all categories and in a walgreens file. So nice to have the info at my fingertips now!

Here's what I do and it doesn't take that much time

When using the POI Loader, I first delete all POI's and then reload all my POI's again. The way I keep my POI's on my PC looks like this:

POI <--Main Directory
Auto Traps <--- Sub Directory under POI
Banks <--- Sub Directory under POI
Caves <--- Sub Directory under POI
Fast Food <--- Sub Directory under POI
Gas <--- Sub Directory under POI
Stores <--- Sub Directory under POI

Within each sub-directory I put the CSV or GPX files for that particular group. If I update a file or add a file, I just delete all and re-apply all POI's. It's pretty simple and I always get all my POI's loaded along with my updates.

By putting them in the directories like I did, each sub-directory name is shown exactly as I spelled them out on my PC on my GPS under Custom POI's.

Larry - Nuvi 680, Nuvi 1690, Nuvi 2797LMT

Good Advice

Duh! I can't believe I didn't think to do this when loading my POIs. No wonder I had such a hard time finding everything I loaded. Thanks for posting this and putting that light bulb over my head! smile


Valerie Thanks I do not

laugh out loud Valerie Thanks I do not feel alone now that I was doing the same thing. I used the POI today to find a super walmart and another walmart to finish my christmas shopping. This unit saves you time and gas with using it each time. Also in the POIs I am finding alot of fun places to explore that I never knew about.