Please help (loading POI on TomTom)


A friend of mine has TomTom and trying to get poi loaded so the would work, I have a garmin c580 and I use poi loader for garmin, how do you load tomtom pois? please help


Try this

which TT does your friend have?

A very active discussion for TT users can be found here:

the GO series for TT

the ONE series for TT

Give them this link as well it's the 'unofficial' TomTom forum site. They'll find a host of info there no matter which model TomTom they have. smile


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In short, just copy your

In short, just copy your *.ov2 and *.bmp file to the North America or equivalent folder (this is the folder where the maps are kept) in the TomTom. Remember that the *.ov2 and *.bmp must have the same exact file name, sans the suffix, of course.

eg, Costco.ov2 Costco.bmp