New Garmin WebUpdater 2.0.2 For Mac Is Avaialble


Maybe you already knew, but in case you didn't, the new version of WebUdater, Garmin WebUpdater 2.0.2, for the Macintosh is available. Although some folks have had a problem installing it, I had no problems with my nuvi 350.

I would strongly recommend before installing the new version that you navigate to Library/Receipts /Install Garmin WebUpdater.pkg on your hard disk and remove the old version 2.0.1 “Install Garmin WebUpdater.pkg” from the Receipts folder.

By removing the old “Install Garmin WebUpdater.pkg” first you may avoid the problem of the new “Install Garmin WebUpdater.pkg” thinking the old one is the current one as has happened to some folks.

After WebUpdater successfully installs there are some other upgrades from Garmin that it will install on your nuvi 350 (and maybe other models?).


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Looking at the Garmin

Looking at the Garmin website I see

" Change History

Changes made from version 2.0.1 to 2.0.2:

Fixed an issue that caused software update to fail for certain nuvi and StreetPilot devices on PowerPC Macs."

It doesn't seem necessary, or perhaps wise, to install this update if you have an Intel Mac.

I am having no problems so far with 2.0.1 on my Intel Powerbook and either the Nuvi 650 or GPSmap 60CSx.

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Updater works on my G5

The new updater seems to be working fine on my dual G5 PowerMac.

I did not have to remove the receipt. It just worked for me.

Another useful utility for those Mac users who run into a cranky install package can try the free utility:


It extracts the application out of the package for self-installation.

BTW: A direct link to the download page for Updater 2.0.2 is

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Re: New Garmin WebUpdater 2.0.2 For Mac

Hi rpanz,

Thanks for the heads-up...



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Thanks for the heads up, as

Thanks for the heads up, as i was ready to pull my few remaining hairs out of my head.

RPANZ - Appreciate the advice

Nice catch on the install procedure. Worked like a charm after I removed the old receipt. Another benefit of the POI Factory!


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