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I have downloaded the beta version of the Garmin POI Loader for my nuvi 650. I have copied POI files into a custom POI folder on my Mac. I have dowloaded to the Garmin. After the dowload, the loader says it was a success, but the POIs do not show up on the Extras. Where are they going? I've also tried on the SD card. Again it says it was a success. I say to copy to the Garmin. Can't find them again. What am I doing wrong?


Did you try pressing the line on the GPS unit under Extras where it said Custom POIs?

When I press Custom POIs, it

When I press Custom POIs, it says No Matches Found. I know they are on the Garmin because I can see them in the Garmin folder when it's hooked up to the computer. Very weird.

Connect your nuvi to your

Connect your nuvi to your PC, open the Garmin-POI folder, you should see a file called poi.gpi (custom poi-created by POI Loader).
When you run POI Loader, did it say "Congratulations! You have successfully installed #### Point of Interest on your device."

nuvi 2460LMT

How far away are they?

slallen wrote:

When I press Custom POIs, it says No Matches Found.

Are these POI's a long way from your current location? It will give that effect if they're more than about 5000 miles from where you are. Could you have entered the Longitudes and Latitudes the wrong way round?

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