Manually editing Current.gpx


Has anyone tried manually editing the current.gpx file on the Nuvi, or even using EasyGPS with this file? I had some data I wanted to change, and found that if I edit it either by hand or with easygps, it dosen't actually update the current record, but rather makes a duplicate that contains the extra info.

Anyone experience this, and/or does anyone know any 3rd party software that can edit the file without this symptom?

Edit Current.gpx

You need to manually delete the ones you want gone on the unit itself, There was a good thread on this exact subject a few days ago.

Can you point me to the thread?

I wound up manually deleting, didn't know if there was a workaround.

Can you point me to the thread?

Brows thru this and see if

Brows thru this and see if you can find something. Just do a search from the search block at the top of the page and it will find anything you want (just about)

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