found a good case for the nuvi 350


I found a pretty good "hard sided" case for the Nuvi 350 at Target today. It isn't metal-like hard, but hard enough -- plus, it is lined on the inside with thick peices of foam on either side. The 350 fits in here PERFECTLY, but only if I take it out of it's original leather case. It seems pretty protected in there. If anyone is interested, you can find it at the target website here:

-- you can't actually buy it online, but that's what it looks like. Not much detail, really. In the stores, the zippers were held together with the tiniest bit of cable tie ever, and was VERY difficult to remove in order to look inside the case. I ended up letting an employee do it for me with a box cutter.

Anyway, it's only 8 dollars. I'm still going to look for a thinner metal (or plastic I guess) case, but so far this is the best I've found.

looks good and smaller URL

Here's a simpler URL:

This looks really good. I'll have to check that out and see how well that will work. Looks like it's available about several stores around here. Will report back on what I find out.

Joe Morris

Joe Morris,, Garmin nuvi 350

Got a different case

I looked at that hard case, but it looked too think (like twice the thickness of my 350). I ended up going with the denali SM Digital/PhotoCase. It does not have the hard shell, but has a thin, but dense padding all around with a velcro closure and a belt clip. nuvi 350 (w/o original case) slides in perfectly and there is an inner pocket for SD cards. Only costs $5.

Here's a link to it at Target:

That hard case one looks like it might better if you know it could be subject to some abuse and would protect it better. This one suits me for it's size and easier to get it in and out of its case.

Joe Morris,, Garmin nuvi 350

Maybe I should get both.

Maybe I should get both. The hard sided one for when it is going to have to go into my purse, or for when I have to pack it in a carry-on bag while flying, and the smaller padded case for when I'm just carrying it around.

If only that non hard denali case had a shoulder strap as well! I can probably add one, though.

I'm still holding onto hope that someone will release a hard case that is specifically for the 350. Maybe one day.