gps with speed limit of road


are there any gps which diplay road speed limits and prompt you when u go over the road speed limit.. note i am not talking of speed limit via poi but raw data on the road speed limit...

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.. .

thank you

I think it would take

I think it would take entirely too much overhead to keep something such as that updated and practical.

Speed Limit

The Nuvi 7XX series will show speed limits on interstate roads, but will not prompt you when you go over the limit. Value added - zero.


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IMHO. It would be really

IMHO. It would be really nice to have speed limit, traffic, and red lights (city driving) ALL calculated in best route and time of arrival.

There are GPSrs that allow

There are GPSrs that allow you to set a speed limit and when you go over that speed limit, it will alert you. That would be really nice so I know when I go over 80mph

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