Why are my POI's not in the correct locations?


Just downloaded a bunch of POI's for my Garmin. After driving around I've found a bunch to be in the wrong location, off by a block or two or on the wrong side of the road etc.

Never had this problem with my Tom Tom ONE POI's (Plus I could see them on all screens).

I realize they are made by a lot of folks who are really helping out, just curious of the process.

I was able to go in with a Lat/Long finder and put my local POIs in the correct location, but that takes a long time.


It may be a Geocoder

It maybe be the use of a Geocoder. Most use them but they can be inaccurate at time. Usually gets close enough to see what you are looking for. If you take the time, you might want to write the address down and send it to the author and maybe he can edit and find the precise lon/lat.

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