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My custom poi's are not all showing on the map at the same time. Only when a specific point is selected does it show up at all. Is there something I don't know here? I thought once the poi's are loaded, they will be on the map. Help.....


nuvi 650

I have the same prob with my new n uvi 650.


the way it should work

First, please try to limit a particular question in one thread. Someone will attempt to answer as soon as possible. Posting in multiple areas, may just end up being ignored....

Now, the way custom bmp's work on most units..including the nuvi 650 and 660.
Assuming the bmp is named exactly as the poi file, it should display. This can be checked by ►where to ►extras ►custom pois then selecting a specific poi, then press..view map. The bmp should appear (regardless of zoom)
Now you at least know the bmp is properly installed.

when in nav mode, and driving in the close proximity of a poi with custom bmp you should see the custom bmp without having to press the "go". However, the zoom level must be at the 300 ft zoom level or closer. At 500 ft level the icon disappears. There are a few models that will view out to 800ft (not nuvi or sp models).

Now, that's how it's supposed to work. It is possible that a recent update may have affected this. It's happened before with the 5xx series, and was corrected in a subsequent update.

It could also be possible that the actual coords are off enough that you won't see the icon from the road you are on. I've seen that happen as well. If you can see the bmp when you "go" to the point. Make note as to where it is on the map, at the actual destination, then drive off and return without the "go" and zoom to 300ft.

I'd be happy to take a look at the file and bmp's to see if it works ok on my 550. Just use the contact tab to get an email address.

........Garmin StreetPilot c550 / Nüvi 765...........

Thanks for the help .....

Thanks for the input on this question. We are about to take a long southwestern car trip and I have plenty of poi's to check out. The one scenario I haven't completed is the "while navigating" one.

I recently updated the software for the 650 to 4.20 if that matters. I did notice more sensitivity in the touch screen (alot actually), but nothing else.

Thanks again,