StreetPilot c340 Internal Memory Full?


I have a c340 with 4.4 software and preloaded 2008 Navigation Maps. I tried using the Garmin POI Loader to install a POI file (1,800 kb) and it says "not enough room".

I called garmin to ask size of internal memory. They did not have an exact figure (DUH?) but said that the 2008 Maps completly fill it!!!!

I only have a handful of "Favorite" pois saved on the unit.

Any similar experiences?

Will the addition of a SD Card enable me to download and save? POI (Another question Garmin could not answer!)


I have exactly the same

setup as you with the C340. I have installed approx 680K of Custom POIs and associated BMP Icons.
No - the SD card cannot be used for Custom POIs except to perhaps store them !

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2mb of storage for c340

This is answer I got back from Garmin on storage.I currently have 365 kb on my c340 not counting the favorites and no problems adding more

Thank you for contacting Garmin International, the c340 unit will not
read custom poi's from a data card. The unit has 2mb of supplemental
storage for custom poi's. The unit will not accept custom vehicle icons
due to it not being a mass storage unit

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Thanks charles, how do you

Thanks charles, how do you know how much memory is left in the unit? 2mb should allow for a lot of POIs. Well perhaps, the Starbucks file is 1.02 mb ;-(

The way I check mine is on

The way I check mine is on XP if you hold the cursor on the files you made for custom poi's it will show you how large the file is.The difference is what is left.I try to download csv files instead of the gpx.They seem to use less memory.

That Starbucks file seem large.I have Cracker Barrel,National parks,National Monuments,Red light cameras and Speed cameras and only use 365 kb.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. Android Here WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS.