Good GPS system for POI updates - Help!


I am new to GPS units. I just purchased a Magellan 4250 and have 90 days to try it out. After finding this site, I am interested in exploring the world of custom POIs.

Here is my question. It seems the Magellan requires single entry POI input while the files I have explored come already laid out in excel (one fast download it appears). Apparently, the Magellan also does not support customer sounds and icons. Given that, what GPS system is most user friendly when it comes to personal POI updating, dedicated sounds and the use of icons? Would I be better off with something like a Garmin 650 which Costco sells for $50 less than the Magellan?

Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated.

I find it easy

I find it easy to to make up custom POIs for my Garmin Nuvi 670, especialy with the help of the good folks here at POI Factory. I would assume that it would be the same for the Nuvi 300 and the new Nuvi 700 series. As with anything new there will be a learning curve but I found it to be short and I would class myself as average at best. If you have looked around this site, you will see alot of custom POIs have already been done and they are doing more all the time. Welcome to the wonderfull and exciting world of GPS.


Nüvi 3790