Nuvi 6XX firmware oct 31 update


There is new firmware for the Nuvi 600 series GPS. It is dated Oct 31, 2007 and is version 4.2. I downloaded it last night and my NUVI 660 seems to geta fix faster and maps update faster.

Suggest anyone with a NUVI 6XX go to Garmina nd download the update.

Firmware update

Hi, everyone,

I agree with "Dwshouston". Since I updated my 660 a week ago, it seems to operate quicker.


Old news. Had installed for

Old news. Had installed for over a week now. JAMBOG

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I Always.........

play the waiting game. I have waited, and the new, or old (whichever you prefer) ver.4.2 update seemed pretty solid by everyone. So, I too will agree with Dwshouston. Mine updates much quicker too.

Garmin 660

Update needed more work before release

I was wondering if anyone posted any comments on this update as it's really done a number on my 660. Now when I select the turn in option it brings up the traffic screen and I can no longer get to the turn in feature.

Can't speak for the other users that this update seems to have worked for, but I would highly recommend people wait for the next update and skip this one all together.

4.2 Update

Notice on the Garmin site they mention a update for the 610 and 660 as I have a nüvi650 am I to assume the update is for the 600 series and which should I use the 610 or the 660 or are they the same?

Bob J

I noticed that also

I also noticed if you select "next turn" traffic screen shows up instead of the next turn, but only if there is a traffic delay ahead. I spent a minute trying to advance to the next turn, couldn't make it show the next turn.

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Nuvi 6XX Firmware Oct 31 Update

Not sure when it started, updated to 4.2 as soon as it was available, but I just noticed today that if I do a search for a City and then try to spell the city, it doesn't find anything within about 50 miles. Anyone else experiencing this?

4.2 update

Bob, I also have a nuvi 650 but am hesitant about updating unless they specify the 650 or specify all 600 series units (which they don't). Better to be safe then sorry. steve c

garmin 6xx update

Teh 6xx frefers to all Nuvi 6 series. so it is for the 610 through 680.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info.

I just noticed this over the

I just noticed this over the weekend as I finally got out of the DC area which always seems to have traffic delays. It's good to know the feature still works, but it's very frustrating where there's a traffic delay. I'm hopeful they will correct this soon.

Use Web Updater

smcasten wrote:

Bob, I also have a nuvi 650 but am hesitant about updating unless they specify the 650 or specify all 600 series units (which they don't). Better to be safe then sorry. steve c

I use Web Updater with all my Garmins, and it senses which unit is attached, and Does a search to the Garmin site and does the updates. It will show what is available any you chose if you want to install it.

(with a Nuvi you can do a back up first)

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No updates for the 650 ?!?

Seems a little odd that all the other 6xx series have updates, but my 650 has none sad

Are 650 owners being left out in the cold?

Anyone else annoyed at "Dr." for Drive in street name being pronounced as "Doctor" ??
Doctor Who??!?

The 650 does have the same

The 650 does have the same update as the other 6xx series but it not listed on the Garmin Update Page,

If you download and use the Garmin WebUpdater it will update your unit.

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It updated mine ok

It updated mine ok

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