Zumo 550 ??? (icons & sounds)


Hey all, new to the forum and already I have a question. I've down loaded several POI locations and attempted to do the same with the Icon, well hear was where I ran into trouble. Using the POI downloader from Garmin I was able to download and save to my Zumo all the items downloaded from POI Factory, but as far as the Icons and Sounds, well no such luck. Can anyone help point me in the right directions and explain how to download icons and sounds? Any help and suggestions / directions would certainly be appreciated... Thanks "D"

Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds and Icons

The key is to make sure that you have the icons and mp3 files in the same folder as the csv. Also, you must have each file (bmp, mp3 and csv) have the exact same name. test.bmp / test.mp3 / test.csv

Search for making poi's and there are several posts with details.

If you are asking for the actual files, look at the header and choose "sounds" or "icons."


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It will definitely work on the Zumo. The trick is naming and placing them properly.

On the icon and on the sounds page, there are instructions at the bottom of those pages.

Here are the direct links.

Loading BMPs as Custom Icons

Loading MP3s as Custom Sounds


Thanks!!! I appreciate the info... It worked as ya"ll said... "D"