Deleting Unused Icons/Sound Profiles !!!



I would really appreciate if someone can tell me how to delete all the unused vehicle icons and sound profiles of other languages which I don't use at all, so that I could free some space and have less clutter.(I have backed up my entire folders/files to my computer).


***Garmin Nuvi 350/StreetPilot c340***

Just go into the folder and

Just go into the folder and delete them (via windows explorer) as you would any other file. Just make sure that you back them up before you delete them.

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try this....

etrex vista, Nuvi 350, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 750(3)

too vague

here you go:

if you have your USB cable. Plug one end into your GPS and the other end into your pc than power on your GPS. after a few seconds your pc should recognize your GPS unit. Double click "my computer", navigate to your GPS drive (E:, F:...). I forget which folder it is in, but look for a folder that has *.bmp/*.jpg and *.mp3. Delete what you don't use.

NOTE: i would backup that drive before making any changes. Deleting the wrong file could render the unit useless.