Navigon anyone?


has anyone heard of Navigon?

it looks really cool, they offer a lifetime subscription to traffic.

Read up on all the reviews

Read up on all the reviews you can. I remember one that said their consumer help was real lousy. I believe the parent company is overseas and that they would promptly wash their hands of any assistance. Just be careful.

Go to the link below -


i've read the reviews. it looks cool, but it seems a bit more complex to navigate through the menu. I also don't think it supports MP3s, but it does support a 4gb memory card.

horrible reviews

I've been through different forums reading about the navigon and they seem to have horrible reviews. due to the fact that they're a european company that built a product based on their road structure and not making it universal to work anywhere else including the US. Their software is somewhat flawed as well, such as when you go off route the unit recalculates and have you restart your route and start at your previous turn rather than recalculating and moving forward from where you are... I hope that makes sense.

I would bump this GPS.

Navigation 3D turn look good

I saw the review and the real 3D turn look good.