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I know this the Nuvi 350 is not designed for geocaching, but I was wondering if anyone has used one for this before? It does give the option of searching by coordinates, and I assume that if I put it in walking mode, it would still be able to direct me the right way, even in the absence of streets..

Does anyone have any experiences with geocaching with the nuvi350?

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Geocaching with nuvi

Actually, I used my nuvi 360 to find 3 geocaches with no problem. I turned on waas mode, and set it to pedestrian and it took me right to the caches spot on.



I just got a Nuvi 350 and tried it for geocaching and found the first cache easily. The only problem is the touch screen that is easy to bump to another mode. I went to the GPS information screen (Touch upper left corner signal strength bars) which shows the Lat/Long so you can guide to the cache.

What is Geo Caching

I have a NUVI 660 and have been hearing alot about geocaching. What is it exactly? will will answe all your questions..


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It's fun and it gets you out

It's fun and it gets you out of the house!! It's basically a treasure hunt, with the GPS to guide you. Quite a lark so far...

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Well, I'm 0-3 with trying to

Well, I'm 0-3 with trying to geocache with my nuvi, but not because of my nuvi... One I couldn't reach, one has incorrect coordinates (plus I had no clue what I was looking for nor could I remember the hints) and the third was a puzzle that ends in a place other than the published location (middle of a lake, haha).

So, I decided I would make a POI file out of them, that way I could have the hints with me. This may not be practical for someone that does a lot of geocaching, but i've got nothing better to do than fiddle with my toy!

Happy Hunting

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