Trip Meter Accuracy - Impressed


I went to Pensacola, FL from Atlanta and I cleared out the trip meter in the GPS and the trip meter in my truck and I was surprised on the accuracy of the trip meter of the GPS verses the vehicle. Over the 400 mile journey there was a 1 mile difference between the GPS & truck trip meter.

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WHat is funny

What is funny is that the truck meter is prob the one off. ...JK that is cool i will have to try that. The mph gauge seems to work better than the car though. Some cars read mph wrong and are off 1 mph per 20 to 30 mph. That is cool to know. Thanks.

Motorcycle speedometers are

Motorcycle speedometers are generally about 10% optimistic.

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Yup my Honda says 55 when

Yup my Honda says 55 when I'm going 50..


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The speedometer in my BMW (1 yr old) reads 9% higher than the Garmin C530, and the odometer reads about 3% higher. I'm trying to figure out which one is likely to be the more accurate (I'm betting on the Garmin, but not certain), as I am leasing the Beemer, and, of course, the cost at the end is based on mileage over a certain limit.

Mike Brown