Nuvi 680 MSN/TMC Traffic


Okay, check this out. When the 680 first came out a number of us on this board were wondering if the TMC traffic receiver would work on the 680 which comes with the MSN traffic receiver.

Some of us (self included) tried swapping the receivers on the 680 to see if it would work. At that time, it would NOT work. However it DOES now. I belive in one of the recent firmware updates they changed the 680 where it would support either receiver. I can now swich the traffic receiver on the 680 to wich ever one I want and it works great.

I still think in my area that the MSN proveds better information. But, sice I do a fair about of travel, it is nice to take both in case I am in an area where MSN does not do so well.

Mark Ball Ground, GA