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This topic has come up before I am sure, but my experince this weekend with a POI file gave me an idea.

Is it possible to have a special icon next to POI files that have had the locations verified by the author?

My wife won't let me use POI files that aren't verified or certified somehow. Last night we tried to goto a restaurant on the way home from the outer banks and ended up in a trailer park in a seedy part of town. Today I verified that the POI was within a mile, but that doesn't help when you don't know the neighborhood.

I verify every point in my files and put an (Unverified) tag in the name of the locations I am not certain of. I don't know how that can be done with the bigger files like Starbucks, or USA Rest Stops.

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wow you are "wife whipped"

you going to let your wife tell you that you can or can't use certain POIs???????

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Just kidding with ya!

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Verifiying POI's

Haha Charley that was funny!

Being a database creator myself, I must comment on verification of POI's. Many are verifiable by satellite but many are not visible due to poor aerial resolution and must be "best guessed" based on various clues and experience. Phone calls to the target can probably get you pretty close but most people doing this have a life. Traveller reports can be very accurate but are practical only if there is a centralized reporting source (such as Overight Parking on Yahoo Groups). I found the next best thing to verification is to place the icon along with a mapnote with a truncated address so the traveller can verify icon placement. The downside is that additional information tends to "clutter the map" and this data cannot be downloaded to the smaller GPS units.

In my opinion, to require verification (certification!) seems a bit unrealistic. In almost all cases, POI files which have been carefully constructed will outperform databases bundled in GPS units and mapping software.

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