Truck Stop POIs, Flying Js, etc


With the great work that was done by MrKenfl in setting the poi coordinates at the exit ramp for roadside rests (to facilitate alerts) is their anyone looking at doing the same thing for the truck stops? Most all truck stops are located very near an interstate exit. Having these POIs available with alerts along the freeway would be a great addition especially for the RVers.
What does anyone think?

POI's Truck Stops

Go to for up to date files on many truck stops

Cassie, the Bichon Frise


Is that a valid url?
I get file not found when I try to go there.

Opps... sorry... computer just slow. Found it. Thanks

I believe

Cassie wrote:

Go to for up to date files on many truck stops

Some links require www, some don't. It appears this link is one that requires it.


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