Speed Alert?


Is there a speed alert that will tell you to slow down when you are going over the speed you set it for? If I set it for 70mph and I go over that speed I want it to yell at me to slow down. Is there a way to do this? I have a streetpilot 2720.

Some GPSr units have that

Some GPSr units have that feature, I don't believe that any of the Garmins do though, but I could be wrong.

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Speed alert

There is rummer that the new 700 series might have this.

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Re: Speed Alert

anicemonkey wrote:

Is there a way to do this?

It can be done using a PocketPC. I've tried a free program that works very well and has many features, called GPSAuto by Roman Nepsinsky. You can define separate, custom visual and sound alerts for up to 8 speeds, day and night colors, metric and imperial units, tracks trip and total distances, etc.


Other than that, TomTom's safety features offer something similar. They include blocking most buttons when in motion (forcing you to pull over to take care of more distracting stuff) and hiding the map display above a certain speed (you still hear the voice alerts), to prevent you from taking your eyes off the road. Both features can be enable or disabled by the user.


TripMaster for TomToms does it

I know this does not help you, but if any TomTom owners are out there they may be interested in it.