C320 POIs Don't Alert


Well, I tried to use my Flying J POI this week, but I had a problem.

Situation: Navigating to central California. The C320 wouldn't alert as I approached the Flying J location. It did alert on California Rest Stops and Starbucks locations, so long as they where directly in front of me on my line of travel. Flying J's of course are not located directly on the freeway. Neither are most Starbucks.

So, here's the thing, why does it do this? When I passed a Flying J and received no alert, I'd look at the POI and it would show the Flying J approaching and/or fading away in distance. Same thing with Starbucks' that I could see from the freeway.

The whole point of the POI file was to tell me (and you) when a location was near, but if it has to be physically located ON the route, then it's useless.

I didn't try it in driving mode to see if it was resolved. But, even so, what's the point?

Any info would be appreciated.