New Maps and C340 mounts.


I just hung up from two successive calls to Garmin requesting a free update to maps 2008. Said I had to purchase after May 2007 contrary to posting on this forum. Is there some trick I am missing?

Also my suction cup for c340 mount glued to the windshield, a lot different than previously where it would not stay put. I called and re recommended friction mount described as a tri pod etc. I have seen comments on beanbag mount. Any opinions to which is best?


Tripod Mount

I've got the tripod mount and love it. I hated the way the suction cup mount took so much of the road visibility away. The tripod mount sits on the dash, so visibility isn't compromised.

Just make sure there is enough dashboard surface for the tripod to occupy. Only slight drawback: it has a tendency to "creep" if the dashboard is even slightly tilted. But this is a minor niggle that only comes up when I'm driving on very bumpy roads.


You're not missing anything

It has been noted several (dozen, it seems) times in various threads by numerous people that the update is available for units purchased on or after May 1, 2007. "Garmintech" also made this corporate policy very clear in several posts, so if you've been following any of the NT2008 upgrade discussions, this hsould come as no durprise.

Garmin 765T...Is it about the destination, or is it about the journey?

C340 mounts.


I use the 3 point stand on top of my Camry dash and it is great. It does creep, but so little. I don't need to move it back normally. This is where I bought mine:

Friction mount -this is Garmin's price on website
$ 43.64 USD

Alan-Garmin c340

Love the Tri-pod mount

I picked mine up from EBay and love it. Its easy to move from car to car and to hide when I park. And no tell-tale ring on the windshield to tell theives that I have a GPS hidden in the car.

I plan to live forever. So far, so good.

c330's/ c530's

i found that garmin does not offer the free mapping update for the 330 or 530 if purchased after may. these units will not be manufactured with the new map so the update is purchased

Free Upgrade

It is possible to get the free update for the c330 if you talk to the right person. I bought mine on 7/31/07. I spoke with a CS and a supervisor at Garmin and got no where but when I emailed Garmin I got a rep who sent me the free update.