New Nuvi Line 200 , 250, 270


New nüvi line : 200, 250, 270

The indication that the 250 was in the works was first spotted by jotne here at the end of last year and this new line is now coming to life, with its first appearance most likely at CeBIT at the end of the week.

Thanks to Garmin Denmark who jumped the gun we have some early information, and the big news is that the powerful SiRFstarIII chipset that helped the nüvi get great reviews (was it PC Magazine who changed their mind about GPS not working in NYC ?) appears to be gone. I was trying to see if the rumoured MTK chipset (as sensitive as SiRFstarIII, see this comparison was being used instead, but it appears not to be case as the specs indicate "Garmin output". Hopefully Garmin have improved the performance of their chipset that did generate some user frustration on the C3x0 AIOs. Keeping in mind that the nüvi is not just a "car" unit where lower senstivity can ne overcome with an external antenna, not something you can do while walking in downtown Manhattan with your nüvi.

However it's possible that these are early specs as all the 2x0 units appear to have the same data and there must be differences, such as map coverage, Bluetooth, etc...

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Information on Nuvi 200 series

From a release today:

Features on the three-model 200 Series include a 3.5-inch screen, picture viewer, calculator, currency converter, unit converter, world clock and SD card slot for use with Garmin’s travel software. The nuvi 200 is preloaded with maps of the lower 48 U.S. states and will ship in April at $399. The nuvi 250 adds preloaded maps of the full United States plus Canada and Puerto Rico at $499 and the nuvi 270 adds more than 30 countries in Europe at $599 suggested retail price.

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I just ordered the nuvi 350

I just ordered the nuvi 350 from CostCo for $350. Is the 200 series a better buy since it's newer? How do the features compare?

Stick with the 350

d0ofy wrote:

I just ordered the nuvi 350 from CostCo for $350. Is the 200 series a better buy since it's newer? How do the features compare?

The 350 has the SiRF chipset...the 200 series does not.

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nuvi 250

My friend likes my nuvi 360, but not the price.
What about the 250, vs c330? Costco has them at $349 and $249.

Nuvi 360


Go to this page and you can compare the models.

To SiRF or not to SiRF

My nuvi 200 splash screen says Copyright 2007 SiRF Technology, Inc.

I just read on GPSPassion that the Garmin eTrex is now MTK and the new nuvis don't mention SiRF on the splash screen.

I'm still wondering which is better.

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According to a review of the 250 at gpsmagazine:

"SiRF for now, although Garmin says that might change in the future". I guess if they needed to cut costs...

Nuvi 270 Update Concern

My brother in law bought a Nuvi 270 last month. He is concerned about installing the 2008 map update. His concern is that it might interfere or overwrite the International maps that came preloaded.
He hasn't gotten the CD update yet.

Has anyone updated their 270 yet?

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