Problem tracking satellites? 2 new units in six months.


This is my second Nuvi 350 in six months. Works great for about two months then looses satellite reception and will no longer aquire them. Any suggestions? possible answers. Garmin wants me to send it in, but I am sure that the new one they send will do the same thing.

Sounds like cheap quality control and bad luck on your part.

My Nuvi, bought a year ago was made in Taiwan. I wonder if Garmin has switched to Red China of late.

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What exactly are you experiencing?

If you're jumping in the car, turning on your nuvi and driving before you get a lock, then it's going to take what seems like an eternity to get a satellite lock. That's just the nature of the beast.

My previous 350, and my current 660 both lock in at most two minutes when first powering up and I'm not moving, especially after sitting around not being used. If I start moving before getting a lock, it takes longer. This is normal - there is nothing wrong with either unit.

In other discussion around here on this topic, people have found that doing a reset - either hitting the button under the Nuvi's antenna helps, or in some situations, a 'hard reset' - where you hold your finger on the lower right corner of the screen, then hit the power button until you get a message about erasing all user information and saying "yes" to that...this process will cause you to have to go back and set up like it was fresh out of the box.

If after all that, you still have issues - then you may have indeed had the misfortune of having two units that do not perform up to how they were designed to perform.

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