Why are so many SAMSCLUB gas stations closing


I don't know about the rest of the country, but it seem a significant number of SamsClub gas stations in Southern California are now closed.

Anyone know why?

As always

Thanks in advance.


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Haven't Noticed Closing in Georgia

Back in 2018 Walmart announced the closing of 63 stores that represented about 10% of Sam's Clubs at the time. My guess is that most of these stores included an on-site gas station. At the time it was stated that a few of the closed stores would be converted into e-commerce fulfillment facilities.

I haven't seen or heard of any news about more recent Sam's Club gas station closings, at least not in Georgia where I reside, but it's entirely possible that many Sam's Club gas stations have closed and I would never know.

I haven't darkened the doors of a Sam's Club for a couple of decades or more since I get a free family Costco membership as my daughter works as a Costco pharmacist/manager. I was a Sam's Club member back before Costco had any stores in metro Atlanta but now I see no compelling reason to pay for a Sam's Club membership as it would be like throwing money down a rat hole.

Around here (chicago) sam's

Around here (chicago) sam's clubs have become quite ghetto. Many of the products we used to buy are no longer carried. At this point, loss of their membership isn't a big deal. In fact, last 2 years have been free (coupon on slickdeals). I think there's another one floating around now too. Shop that barely once a month so even free is not worth the effort.


would imagine Costco is killing them. The pandemic was a stress test that rewarded few, and hurt many. Costco continues to grow and I read that in NC a location in the triangle is going up in record pace. Their gas has been top tier for a long time, whereas the others unbranded. Hard to stop them. Yes I own the stock, am a member, and use their gasoline because it's attractively priced lower and top tier.