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I know this has been battered back and forth but I just loaded the red light POI file to my unit. Even though the factory told me in an email that new POI's shouldn't eliminate the ones I already have loaded, sure enough they all disappeared. I loaded the Gettysburg with the Red light file and they are the only ones left under my custom POI's. Am I doing something wrong when I load the new files? I really need some help on this one.

You need to add all Custom POI's every time

They do overlay your Custom POI's, so when you add a new file, you also need to reload any other files that you may have previously loaded. Maybe they will add a feature in a future version wher you can add new and leave the existing ones, but its not in there now.

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Adding new Custom POI's

Recommend that you set up a folder on your PC with all of the POI's you use. Then when you download a new one into that folder, point POI loader to that folder and everything will load.

On my system, I have three folders:
1. External POI's to go into my SD card
2. Internal POI's to go directly into my Garmin c530
3. Not in Use POI's for those files I want to keep but don't want to load onto my GPS

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That's a great idea! Thank you and I'm going to do that this evening.

Don't think SD works with c340


Just a note: While the c530 can read POIs from the SD card, I think the c340 will only be able to read them from internal memory. I haven't tried using an SD card for POIs myself, but I'm pretty sure there are some other discussion threads where c340 owners are complaining about this.

Just didn't want you to spend a lot of time trying to do something that won't work. You can still keep all of your POIs in a single folder so they are all reloaded to internal memory whenever you add some new POIs.

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Will that work on the Garmin C330?
When I add a POI file it kicks out the last one I put in. Do I need a SD card? I am new to this GPS stuff and am trying to make some
POI files to share.

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Each time you use POI loader, it replaces the files on your Garmin. See my note earlier in this discussion about how to handle multiple files.

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On the c550 you can acually

On the c550 you can acually rename the poi set and it won't be replaced. I renamed all mine except for the red light ones which I want replaced everytime I enter a new set.

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How many POI's?


All the POI's that I downloaded from this site were placed in a "POI folder." I tried uploading the entire folder but it stated that the file was too large. I deleted POI's (e.g. Walmart POI, US schools POI) and only ended up with one or two files. Some of the files were very large (like US schools, dams, bridges, etc) and those were obviously removed first. Do you know how many POI's would fit (or the file size) onto a c320 for internal memory (as the SD is useless for displaying POIs)?

Thank you in advance!

Found that answer, another Q

Continued to search the site and found the following:

"Your c340 contains 2MB total which can easily hold around 30,000-60,000 Custom POIs without BMP files. There is no internal memory available other than what is available for the different functions the unit supports."

I'm assuming that the 320 would have about the same internal memory capacity as the 340 (although I am unable to see remaining memory on the unit). If I choose to upload 2MB of custom POI's, is it safe to assume that all of the units original POI's (e.g. gas stations, ATM's, lodge) will be over written or are they on the SD with the map?

Thanks again

Can't delete original POI's

marTmar wrote:

If I choose to upload 2MB of custom POI's, is it safe to assume that all of the units original POI's (e.g. gas stations, ATM's, lodge) will be over written or are they on the SD with the map?

The built in POI's cannot be deleted, only the custom POI's that you load on.

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Creat a file label it poi put it in my documents

load any poi that U want to a card reader(mine was around $10 ebay works fine) then transfer it to my documents should be near top of list drag it to the
POI folder go to POI LOADER follow instr.

DO NOT DELETE any poi files from poi folder unless U want to delete them-keep adding POIs to poi folder and the all WILL show up in custom POIs folder on your gps if U Want to delete a category
delete from poi folder and reload using POI LOADER
all pois except deleted one will appear.

If U load only one POI ALL other POIs in custom POIs will be deleted or over written (GONE)